Power Rangers Dino Knight-Charge
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Power Rangers Dino Knight-Charge is a direct sequel to the Dino Charge events, based on Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, due to the larger references to Kyoryuger.

Plot Edit

After the Dino Charge series event, Keeper, Ivan Of Zandar, Koda, Hekyl and Zenowing sees the portal of the alternative dimension until stop in the mountains (similar to the 2017 movie), digging up 5 Dinosabers and suddenly an evil empire is released after 12,000 years. When they were spotted by the already freed villains, they needed all five main Rangers after their Dino Charge powers weren't answered in the dimension. To remedy the situation, they had to find five new young men in this dimension to stop Neo Koragg.


Dino Knight-Charge RangersEdit

Actor/Atress Name Color Ranger Invocation/Zords
TBA Vinny Brooks Red Dino Knight-Charge TBA
TBA Oliver Scott-Kwan Black Dino Knight-Charge TBA
TBA Ray De Santos Blue Dino Knight-Charge TBA
TBA Rod Taylor Green Dino Knight-Charge TBA
TBA Nichola Ford Pink Dino Knight-Charge TBA
TBA Ivan Of Zandar Gold Dino Knight-Ranger TBA
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